Always looking for things to play around with in Adobe Premiere ( in an effort to improve my editing skills), I decided to try a Star Wars film trailer.

Bear in mind: this is a rough edit, with very little finessing on the audio…so its a bit rough in places. But I think the narrative is good. I always thought that three prequel movies was unnecessary, so I sort of pretended that there was only *one* prequel film titled “Vader”. The first half of the trailer (the prequel scenes) are told in an odd order because I approached it from the point of view that Obi Wan was remembering backward as he’s telling Luke about his father. The second half, Luke’s rise to Jedi Knighthood, is told from the point of view of a young man trying to live up to an idealized image of his father.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased.


2 thoughts on ““STAR WARS: VADER” Trailer

  1. Love the point of view change here….. Awesome composition…. Where is that sound track from? The actual movies? (can’t recall if I’ve heard it before). I don’t usually even check out trailers like these, and I’m glad I checked yours out. Very dramatic. Great job indeed. Of course, if one has seen the lot of the movies, its a great nostalgic trip. Excellent!

    • Thanks! The music is from The Last Airbender, its called “Flow Like Water”. While the movie was a total disaster, ironically it has one of the best scores in the last several years. Truly brilliant.

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