Old Dog, Meet New Trick…

When I was about 17 or so, I picked up a very early book on computer graphics and ray tracing.   I managed to get my poor little computer to squeeze out a few of those (then) mammoth calculations, but it was so time consuming and frustrating that I gave up.  I wish I’d stayed with it.  Now, doing comparable graphics is simple.

This was created using a free open source platform called Blender.  I’ve always wanted to figure this stuff out, so I’m going to give it a shot.  Altogether, I’m pretty pleased with this first little elementary project….



2 thoughts on “Old Dog, Meet New Trick…

  1. I too used some early ray tracing programming… playing around, way before my more artsy days. It was called “Vivid” … I just grabbed some existing code and hacked away… didn’t get that far, but it was fantastic for the times.
    So if you’re exploring Blender, there is so much out there… and I know of one person that’s a guru on it…. and I think you may know him….. Paul Caggegi (@pandeiacomic in Twitter)… he’s got plenty of organized material… even tutorials.
    Good hunting, my friend!

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