Pictures of Ancient History (where I grew up)

I don’t like the phrase “the middle of nowhere” because every place is somewhere.  “Middle of nowhere” implies a lack of history or story, and every place…just like everybody…has a story.

My hometown is probably considered to be one of those middle nowheres people are always talking about, and for sure there’s not a lot actually there these days.  There was more to the town when I was living in it (well, living near it).  But not, you know, a lot.

So I give you Bonnieville, KY.  Sorry for the ‘driving along and snapping pictures out of the window’ quality to my pictures.  I was driving along and snapping pictures out of the window.

This is where I spent a large percentage of my formative years. Bonnieville Elementary School was like a time capsule, really.  I remember layers and layers of chipped paint, each layer just covering the cracks of the layer beneath it until the decades-old concrete brick walls had the texture of old skin.   I remember the yellowed old wood of the gym floor which doubled as the cafeteria, the tiny library that seemed seemed vast to an 8 year old.  When I was in second or third grade I found the novelization of Star Wars and read it cover to cover, over and over again for two weeks.  

As far back as I can remember, my dad worked here. He ‘strew the mail’ for, I think, 26 years. (Dad: feel free and correct me on that.) To this day, I feel strangely comfortable in a post office. And yeah, I’m being serious when I say that.  

Bonnieville may be a drive-thru on the map now, but it was big business back when my dad was growing up here. This theater was a huge draw back in the day, and was open until at least the late 1970s. I never saw a movie here, but my oldest brother has said he remembered seeing Star Wars in this building.  When I was a kid, the Forth of July parade and sundry amusements that lined the main street were still a fairly big deal (well, a big deal when you’re a kid and people are throwing fireworks around).   In those days, there was still some kind of ‘community’ feeling.  By the time I was in high school, that old sentiment seemed to dry up and blow away…just like everything else in the town did.  

Thanks for visiting Bonnieville! While you were here, you doubled our population for a little while!


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