Sketching in my notebook: Kirbypunk

A lot of people have never heard of Jack Kirby, but its fair to say his influence on the modern world has been a fundamental force of nature.  He was the quintessential comic book artist. Just check out that link for a far better explanation of Kirby’s significance than I could offer.  

  But Jack Kirby was also a visionary ahead of his time.  I don’t really know exactly what it was, but this was a man in touch with something profound. 

  A few months ago, I had a lightning-bolt-from-the-blue epiphany.  There are lots of genres out there which influence design…steampunk, cyberpunk, goth, etc.  What I want is a genre influenced by the mind-blowing, cosmic, techno-magical art of Jack Kirby…and if I have to will it into existence myself, so be it.  

I’m going to call it Kirbypunk.  

  The potential is epic.  


The second page from the notebook are the sygils or icons that represent the chakras.  I just liked the images, so I copied them over. The colors and descriptions are supposed to be accurate to the symbology of the chakra energy system.



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