The New Sketchbook…

At a recommendation from a friend, I bought a new sketchbook on Amazon and got it in the mail today.  Anytime I get a new sketchbook, there’s a whole little process I have to go through.

Its a bit like choosing a wand in the Harry Potter world:  I really have to try it out before I know if its going to be a keeper. I’ve bought many a sketchbook only to discover on the first page that the page surface irks me, or that the spiral binding is problematic, or some other little annoyance.  If the sketchbook doesn’t pass muster, its resigned to another use altogether…it doesn’t become ‘my sketchbook’.

But so far I’m really loving the new Canson XL sketchbook.  The size of the book is a big issue; my sketchbook has to be large enough to do real work, but small enough to be easily carried around in my bag.  The surface is nice and smooth without being glossy ( a lot of artists love bristol, which is a kind of very thick, almost cardstock sort of paper…but the surface is usually too smooth for me.  I need some texture).

All this fuss over some paper to draw on?  You have to understand that, for me, my sketchbook becomes a kind of companion.  Wizards have wands, gunslingers have six-shooters, Jedi have lightsabers…and I have my sketchbook.


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