Designing the U.S.S. Enterprise: Help me out…

The tremendously cool MMO game Star Trek Online is having a pretty nifty contest: Design the next U.S.S. Enterprise. The idea is that someone out in the real world will submit a concept design for the official starship Enterprise that will be used in the game in some way.

I would *love* to win this one.

Give me a hand! Please visit the website below and give me a full five-star vote.

My entry for the next U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC 1701-F. Vote here!

I’m pretty happy with my design. For those of you who might be interesting in such nerdery, here are some ‘facts’ about my ship design.

U.S.S. Enterprise – “Lexington” class Deep Space Carrier.
The flagship of the Federation: The Enterprise is a deep space battle carrier designed for fleet command and support. The largest ship Starfleet has ever commissioned, the Enterprise is capable of serving as drydock for smaller class starships, transporting entire colonies in emergency situations, and defending against multiple Borg cubes simultaneously (earning the starship’s class the title of ‘Borg-buster’).

Crew Compliment: 4500
Quad-Nacelle transwarp engine.
Dual warp-core.
Multiple-vector saucer detatchment (the top saucer pops off).
50 Shuttlecraft, 15 Runabouts, 1 Charger-class Scout cruiser (the U.S.S. Virgon ).

U.S.S. Enterprise, the Borg-Buster


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