Help Name a Martian Crater for Mac Tonnies

I was very happy and honored to have known Mac Tonnies, author, blogger, and one of the best damned thinkers I’ve had the good fortune to speak with. My only regret is that Mac and I never had a chance to meet face to face. Mac had a powerfully penetrating and rational mind, and he was capable of taking on the most envelope-pushing concepts with an almost Vulcan-like objectivity and yet never lost any of the passion for a good mystery. Mac died suddenly last October and the effect on the digital spaces he energized was intense. A lot of people point to Mac as being the common hub around which so many of us found our orbits online. He was a true transhumanist.
I’ve always thought Mac Tonnies’ real talent was in opening the lines of communication between people who might not otherwise know one another. That certainly happened with me and several others I know. Mac could really make you think.

There’s now an online petition to have a crater named for Mac on Mars. This is a wondrously fantastic idea, and I think he would have been utterly astounded at the notion.

Follow this link for all the pertinent information:

Please pass this along to others!


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